20 x 20 Aluminum Ultima Deck

 Includes complete Aluminum Double Deck Structure, and signed & stamped Engineering Blueprints.  Graphics, furniture & lighting, sold separately.  Very lightweight deck is easy to ship, easy to set up, and will save you money on set up, dismantle, shipping, and drayage costs.  Lightweight double deck booth is great for trade shows and conventions.  

Options available

Some pictures show some options which are available at an additional cost.  Options which are shown, but not included in the base model are:  black ceiling, light boxes, and additional lighting. If interested, please inquire about those options.  Graphics, furniture, lighting, and carpet can be quoted separately if requested.  This lightweight booth is extremely versatile, and works great for any space which is 20 x 20  or larger. 

Aluminum 20 x 20 Ultima Double Deck

Aluminum Ultima 20 x 20 deck model at the VR Tradeshow in Los Angeles

Basic structural set up of the 20 x 20 Ultima Aluminum Deck

Deck set up outside for good viewing

3-D Rotation of the Aluminum Ultima 20 x 20 Double Deck

Perspective 3-D view of the Aluminum Ultima Deck

Connecting corner truss sections

Aluminum truss section connect very easily and quickly

Aluminum Ultima 20 x 20 Deck Base model


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Aluminum Ultima 20 x 20 Double Deck booth, complete with stairway. Also includes signed & stamped engineering blueprints. * Does not include furniture, graphics, lighting, or black ceiling options.